Slow West Glamping

Do not need a "list of places to visit", already it is in the middle of the nature and historical places.

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What is Glamping:

In the beginning, The 'glamping', was created by European travellers who are overwhelmed by the hotel concepts. Glamping is the combination of the words 'glamorous' and 'camping'. We can also define the idea of glamping as "combining the style and, luxury with the natural and, simple."

Increasing the number of Glamping facilities in the world will continue to nature-lovers to lux camping without having to give up the usual comfort.

Glamping is the most suitable holiday option for those who do not want to break away from the tranquil environment and calmness of nature and want to continue their comfort throughout the holiday. It becomes popular in recent years. Glamping is as a luxury camping concept becomes an excellent alternative for holidaymakers who are bored with big resorts and five-star hotels.

Our Services:

Bungalows (wooden houses): There are five units "2 + 1", three units "4 + 1" tree houses within 30 m to the sea. The homes have private shower, WC, refrigerator, air conditioning, TV and internet, each wooden house has its patio and resting places on this patio. Each bungalow also has its garden.

Breakfast included for all accommodation guests and, free access to the beach and, a 15% discount on cafe-bar-restaurant spending for those who accommodate a minimum of 3 days.

Lux Tents: There are 10 lux tents, and each tent is for two people. SWG produces unique design tents. It created with a light-coloured unique fabric which is impervious to rain and sunlight. The structure of the tents is iron and, the floor is wooden. Tents are designed as 40 cm above the ground to prevent insects from entering. There is a double bed, wardrobe, electricity, lighting in the tent, a patio in front of the tent and, table & chairs on it. Our tent guests use shared showers and toilets.

Breakfast included for all accommodation guests and, free access to the beach and, a 15% discount on cafe-bar-restaurant spending for those who accommodate a minimum of 3 days.

Beach-Café & Restaurant & Bar: SWG has a beach where you can make relax and feel your soul and body resting in harmony in nature with a peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy the unique view of the sea and sun.

Restaurant, which has a "slow food" concept provides healthy and tasty cuisine with affordable prices. Detox drinks, cocktails, good coffee and, special music in the evening and, unique sunset near the sea where you can chat while you eat. Enjoy affordable and qualified holiday.

Acoustic Vibes: Different kinds of music are like the soul of Slow West Glamping. With the Acoustic Vibes music concept offers you an unforgettable experience by under the stars with qualified entertainment on certain nights of the week.

Activities: In the SWG you may find the rental bike and canoe. As a curious traveller can explore the many historical sites and different places in the area by bike or you can ride a kayak with your friend in the calm sea. Also, enjoy new friendships, and new experiences with group bike tours every Monday and Thursday at 7:00 am.

We can not forget yoga lovers! Free yoga classes for all our guests every Tuesday and Friday at 7:00 am. And, a beach volleyball court you can always use

"shorts, t-shirt, slippers" and, with your loved ones. Daily or long-time accommodation, cafe-bar & restaurant.

"On the shore of the Aegean Sea, a peaceful holiday near the forest and historical places will be fantastic for every traveller.

All of them are in Marmaris Turgutköy.

Important information;

- Our facility might be not suitable for children under 12 years old.

- We may accommodate pets.

If you have not a reservation, we can not be able to help you. Please make a reservation and get pre-information.

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Slow West Glamping